Now You Can Have What Every Best-Selling Author Has  – and It’s Been Hiding in Plain Sight!

Barbara O'Toole
Barbara O’Toole
Dear Fellow Author:

I’ll be honest with you.

When my friend, Dave, first told me about the 100 eager readers he got to download his book, I was a little skeptical.

He told me about this free platform online where you give away a free book in exchange for email addresses.

“And they’re email addresses of people who really like your kind of books!” exclaimed Dave.

The more he told me about it, the more excited I got.

“It takes, like, 10 minutes to set up your free account.”

You see, most authors NEVER HAVE what most best-selling authors have.

Most authors don’t want to deal with technical stuff. They don’t have the time. They just want to write!

I get that. I do.

But here’s the thing.

Wouldn’t you like to hit “publish” to send your next book to KDP and have your book marketing ALREADY DONE?

Wouldn’t you like your next book to be GUARANTEED a best-seller?

What if, after your next book launch, you could get back to writing, INSTEAD OF FOCUSING on PROMOTIONS?

If so, please read what I am getting ready to share with you, and pay very close attention…


Are you ready to find hungry readers, ready to buy your next book, and the one after that, and the one after that?

Introducing, “Author Fanfare”

Author Fanfare

It’s your all-in-one guide to building the email fan base you know you need with no recurring monthly expenses and no Facebook. And it works for authors even if you don’t have a website.
Author Fanfare gives you access to:

  • a growing list of readers that want the kinds of books you write
  • a super-easy way to build a list with no tech skills required
  • a free online account that takes 10 minutes to set up, and no software to download
  • an email-gathering MACHINE that works on your behalf 24/7

And For More Advanced Users:

  • build a fanbase with discretion for your private pen names
  • test your next niche for popularity before you take it to Amazon

We’ve Already Received Unsolicited Feedback:



Here’s what’s included with your “Author Fanfare” training package: