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This is the terrific 17,000 word book by Rachel Reuben she gives away on her website:

Self-Publishing Hacks No One Tells You About

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Others To Pay For Your Self-Publishing Expenses
Chapter 2: Why You Must Spend Money On Editing
Chapter 3: Where Do I publish?
Chapter 4: Ebook or Print? Don’t Worry, They’re Both A Pain To Format
Chapter 5: Cheap Book Covers That Are Professional Looking
Chapter 6: ISBNs A Necessary Evil?
Chapter 7: Copyrights: Why You Need Proof of Ownership
Chapter 8: Is Expanded Distribution Worth It?
Chapter 9: Websites: The Hub Of An Author’s Career
Chapter 10: Marketing The ABCs
Chapter 11: How To Build Your Social Media Following The Non-Douchey Way
Chapter 12: How To Approach And Pitch Social Media Influencers
Chapter 13: Cheap Advertising For Indie Authors
Chapter 14: Where To Find Beta Readers
Chapter 15: What To Expect From A Paid Book Review
Chapter 16: How To Get Your Book into the Library
Chapter 17: Assistants: They’re Not A Luxury Anymore!
Chapter 18: Book PR 101: How To Find Interview Opportunities
Chapter 19: How To Build Your Email List
*Bonus Chapter*
Chapter 20: Book Promotion: What They Don’t Tell You

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