Author Fanfare

Author Fanfare


Product Creators: Barbara O’Toole and Dave Lynch






FE: Author Fanfare $12.95 / 50%
OTO 1: Chimp Charmer $17.00 / 50%
OTO 2: Email Copy That Sells $8.95 / 50%

These are the stats 5 days after launch, in Sept 2015:

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FE Brief Overview:
How to use a free and easy non-Facebook online platform to build your fan base and your first email list. This free platform provides:

1) a place to upload the free giveaway you’ll offer in exchange for your reader’s email address

2) a way to target your ideal reader

3) built-in download delivery system and email capture

4) export capabilities for emails collected

5) online tip jar so readers can drop you a tip if they choose

FE: Author Fanfare is a PDF + Checklist product that follows the example of the successful “8 Minute Book Site System” launched earlier this year (22% conversions). Well-written by Dave Lynch, the product details (with screenshots) how to set up the account and includes strategies for maximizing.

OTO 1: Chimp Charmer

How to set up and deploy this completely free-to-start commercial email provider to rock your new fan base and get them revved for your next book. PDF + Checklist





OTO 2: Email Copy That Sells

For those who want a strong email start, here’s additional info, including these three Bonuses:
1) 300 Power Words and Phrases
2) Instant Winning Headlines
3) 5 Minute Sales Copy Formula





Subject Lines:

No-Cost Site (Not Facebook) Let's You Build a Fanbase 24/7

Free Site Let's You Harvest Hungry Readers for Your Own

Hello, Indie Authors and Publishers:

Just came across this great how-to tutorial
on another great free online platform for authors.

This platform gives you a pile of hungry readers ready for your next book.

It's free. It's easy to set up and it works 24/7.

------> AFF LINK

It's another clever little system from Barbara O'Toole 
and her partner, Dave Lynch. 

Oh, yes, and did I mention it's completely free?

-------> AFF LINK

Check it out and get back to me with what you think.

Here's to "Building Your Own Fanbase 24/7!"

All the best--


PS: Send me your link when you have it set up!

----> AFF LINK
Subject Lines:

Here's Your New "Ideal Reader" Signup Form - Done For You

Don't Sweat the Tech - This System's Author-Friendly & Free

Hi, there!

Ever tried to build something online, only to realize (quite painfully) 
that you're a writer NOT a techie?

I've been there.

That's why I rejoice whenever I find tools that take
the tech out of my hands!

My colleagues, Barbara O'Toole and Dave Lynch, have found a great 
online platform that makes it super-simple to start building that
fanbase/email list you know you're supposed to start yesterday!!

------> AFF LINK

This platform is special 'cause it gives you what Amazon doesn't:

**an opt-in form
**a built-in downloads page - for your free giveaway
**the ability to see and export the email addresses of your readers

The tech is done.

All you do is sign up for a free account and go!

See what I'm talkin'about here:

------> AFF LINK

Here's to building your first email list!



PS - Even if you've got an opt-in form on your website already, more 
free list-building platforms for authors online are always a good thing!

------> AFF LINK

swipe-1-free-site-builds-fanbase  Free Site Builds Fanbase

swipe-2-tech-problem solved  Tech Problem Solved


Contact: Skype: barbotoole37, [email protected], FB PM