Epub Empire “Un-Funnel” Subscriber Special

Product #1 – Author Fanfare

Author Fanfare

Here’s what’s included with your “Author Fanfare” training package:
      • 19-page PDF Tutorial tells you how to build your non-Facebook fanbase 24/7
      • 1-page PDF Checklist helps you save time by showing you just what you need to get set up
      • strategies for using this program with KDP select books or without
      • tips for optimizing your book description
      • nifty trick for cementing yourself as an “influential expert” in your readers’ minds
      • how to make sure your books are discovered
      • how to weed out the wrong people to build your best list of fans

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Product #2 – Chimp Charmer

Chimp Charmer

Chimp Charmer – Special Author’s Edition is 19 pages of step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots to get you up and running in MailChimp quickly.
  • 7 Email Marketing Secrets for Fiction Writers
  • Building a Killer Email List
  • Starting Out as an Indie Author
  • 1-page MailChimp Setup Checklist ensures you don’t miss critical steps

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Product #3 – Email Copy That Sells

Email Copy That Sells

Here’s a sneak-peek of the “Email Copy That Sells” package


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Note: Comes with Resell Rights also – License Included